Your brand is our most important project!

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we manufacture and install North America’s most recognized names.

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We love helping companies thrive with signage solutions.

We do more than just manufacturing your sign; we like getting involved in your project to have a customized solution for your specific needs.

We do it because we care about you, your business and your valuable customers, looking after the most valuable asset… YOUR BRAND!!!


Headquarters and Manufacturing

55 Fleming Dr.
Cambridge, ON,
N1T 2A9, Canada
T: 647-547-9204

Our Mission

Give always our best to each of our customers, no matter the size or project. Each customer is unique to us and we are totally committed to offering the best solutions

our values


Quality means a lot for JD Signs! We always aim at getting the best results and dedicate maximum effort to each project. Our team is full of professionals who utilize their full potential to create a product that will satisfy our customers and creates maximum value for their business. Our employees diligently collect requirements for your project, propose their ideas and suggestions. After the final plan is approved, we carefully track that all the important phases are finished, and the final product fully fits your needs. We value the satisfaction of our customers the most and always ensure that you are happy with the quality of our signs.

Collaboration and Partnership

Throughout our long history, we have managed to collaborate with many famous brands. We were partners with companies from many industries and sectors. This experience taught us the most important skill – adaptation. We are ready to adapt to be able to fit your needs and satisfy your requirements. We are always opened to suggestions and are glad to hear your ideas. Our professionals are ready to complement your concept with their innovative ideas. Or we can create a project for your brand from scratch. JD Signs always tends to understand your business and come up with ideas that result in the success of your brand! 


We always use high-quality materials to ensure that our products are durable and reliable. Our factories are equipped with the latest technologies, and all processes are managed according to high-quality standards. We always check that all workplaces operate according to required norms and regulations. All this allows us to constantly improve and expand our capabilities. We are always ready to bring to life any creative idea. 

Customer Experience

We closely communicate with each customer to clarify all important details about your order. Your brand is always in the first place. Our staff will collaborate with you at each stage of the production process to make sure that all requirements are satisfied. Even if you do not know a lot about signs, the right materials, or what idea will be the best for your case, our team will be happy to explain it to you and choose the best option. Our clients can always be sure that we will do our best to deliver the product that benefits your brand!


Teamwork is an essential part of our business! Every day our staff works as a clear mechanism to deliver your product. Our team of professionals begins to work with your project right after you have a conversation with a company representative. All the information is transferred to designers work with the concept and find out what materials will be used. After that, our workers produce your sign, check the quality and that all requirements are followed. Finally, when you approve the work, we deliver and install it. If you need some assistance later, we will visit your place again to fix the problem.

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