Awnings are a great form of signage.

Types of Awnings produced by our company:


  • Aluminum
  • Fabric
  • Illuminated/non-illuminated
  • Custom design

An awning is an outdoor sign that mainly serves two purposes. It helps to attract attention from people and identifies the entrance at the same time. The fabrics can be printed to show your corporate logos and colors helping you to present your brand in a busy street while also providing shelter to your entrance from both the sun and rain. Some awnings are immobile, and some can be moved manually or automatically. They come in a variety of styles and can be done from different materials. You decide how the final product looks. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, shop, or retail store you will be able to find an awning that fits your needs!

A visible and catchy awning is a perfect way to stand out from other businesses in surrounding area. It creates a positive first impression. Moreover, it improves the comfort of your clients by protecting them from inclement weather, which enhances the customer experience. Our products are produced using the best technologies and materials to create durable and reliable items. We utilize our best practices to ensure that you are satisfied with the result. We put your brands needs first and we are ready to accommodate any requirements you may have! 

JD Signs team is ready to create, produce, deliver, and install an awning sign for you. Contact us to discuss your ideas, our design team can help you to come up with the right decision. We also help with the sign maintenance, so you can call us any time you need something to be fixed. 

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